Do’s and Don’ts of Tenants

Selayang is a town in Malaysia famous for its many tourist spots. Aside from this, Selayang condo for rent as well as Selayang house for rent provides opportunities not only for locals but also foreigners to help them realize their dreams in Malaysia. Selayang condo as well as Selayang apartment are also sky high but at affordable prices and provide a unique place to stay. As responsible tenants, there are many do’s and don’ts one has to follow to make living and staying in the Selayang condo and Selayang apartment comfortable.

Tenant Do's and Don'ts - Landlord by Design

Discuss with your landlord what you can and can’t do within the premises of your unit. For example are you allowed to do common things like washing clothes or cooking or are there special precautions. Especially with cooking where you have to deal with fires, is your unit fully equipped in case fire breaks out. If it is not allowed to cook and you insist then you might cause a fire in the end. Are you allowed to have your own things, do some changes or repairs especially if it involves drilling or hammering against the wall. Many landlords have special instruction about these so you must ask. Are you allowed to have pets or not? Having pets may disturb other tenants that is why most condo units and apartments do not allow it but it will still depend on your landlord. Lay down the house rules first and discuss properly to avoid misunderstandings. EdgeProp offers a variety of property, you might want to take a look for a while.

Other things you can do are the following. You keep your unit clean and tidy. This is not only for the sake of your visitors but also for your own benefit in the first place.  Since most of the things will be pre-owned especially in condo units, then you have to take care of these things. In case of accidental damage then have it repaired immediately or ask the landlord to repair it. Most importantly is to respect other tenants or if you have a housemate then do so. There may be differing attitudes or behaviours but respect will make living peaceful so better do so. For the Don’ts, first is do not take what is not yours. If you have a housemate and your commodities are separate then do not touch the others belongings without permission. Especially food, even if you think it is just a small amount if it happens constantly then it may be a cause of future dispute. Do not party especially be noisy until dawn. Remember, you also have other co tenants and especially if your unit is not that soundproof then it will be very disturbing for others if you’re all noisy at night. Always respect begets respect. And of course, to have a clean record, do not make delayed payments of your rental fee. Make sure to allocate rental fees in your budgeting so as to pay on time. This will be less hassle both for you and your landlord. If you make delayed payments then chances are you will be soon evicted hence strive to avoid delayed payments.