Five Cafes To Visit Near Sungai Buloh 

Tree Steak House

I have a pregnant friend that is dying for some steaks as it was her pregnancy-cravings. Thinking of her, I would like to insert Tree Steak House into this list. It is a really cheap restaurant. It is a good-quality meat-dishes type of restaurant with an affordable price. Well, you can compare to the high-class steak house of course but it is a really nice restaurant with affordable price, service and quality. Here, you  don’t really have an option for your steak  such as well. medium well or rare. Once again, it is an affordable steak restaurant. Do opt for a more expensive steak restaurant if you are looking for the maximum satisfaction. Make sure to make reservations when coming to the Tree Steak House as it is easily crowded. 

Serves: Steakhouse, Asian, Malaysian

Positano Risto

This is the choice of a restaurant that I wanted to visit monthly. The food tastes like heaven melts onto your tongue. It gives perfect service to the customers. Oh ya, if you are someone that really cares for social distancing and staying safe, this place will put you at ease. Their SOP entails socially distanced dining tables from each other and staff required to regularly wash hands. After each customer, the table would be sanitized properly. THis restaurant is not located in Sungai Buloh, but it is nearby. 

TTDI Meat Point Steakhouse

To compensate for the high-class taste buds of steak-eateries, TTDI Meat Point Steakhouse is where you can go for their food and classy ambience. I highly suggest this place for breakfast and dinner as the ambience and vibes really enhanced these two times. I mean you can go for lunch  as well but the lighting in the restaurant is the best at nightime. This place is suitable for celebrating anniversaries or special occasions. 

Serves: Steakhouse, Italian, Seafood, Grill

Olfactory Bulb= Rolling Daruma

Fourth place on the list is Olfactory Bulb. Olfactory Bulb now has changed name to Rolling Daruma Here, you can chill and kill time. Enjoy gossiping and talking while sipping coffee and tea. I highly recommend the liquor coffee. The signature liquor coffee in the cafe really suits the espresso. Pair it with delicious waffle for your breakfast too. T he chairs and ambience setting is cozy indeed because it is surrounded by a dim light environment. The prices of the coffee are average. On the other hands, their cocktail prices are pretty expensive. You could try if you wanted to. Oh yes, this coffee shop is near to Bukit Rahman Putra as well.

3B Drip & Dutch Cafe Gallery

Location near 21-G 1, Lgsb 1/4 Pusat Komersial LGSB, Off Jalan Hospital, Sungai Buloh 47000 Malaysia

If you are teenagers or young adults, you would love chilling here. If you are a coffee lover as well, this is the place for you.  This cafe is a spacious cafe with high ceilings, raw red brick walls and there is wooden furniture. There are a few nooks and corners where you can sit down, unwind and fix your caffeine cravings. 

In a nutshell, do not overlook cafes located in Sungai Buloh. You might find a hidden gem. It might no strike as a foodie destination but you have to try it.