Gaming culture in Malaysia

Everyone loves playing a game. Game is one of many ways for us to release our stress. As everyone knows, our country itself has acknowledged the game culture in Malaysia. Back in a time where playing video games seem like something prohibited and bad things, now playing a game can be a career in our life. One takes studying a diploma in university for 4 years with intention wants to get a good career later after finished work. It goes the same as playing games. One has to sacrifice their time for practice in order to prevent them from losing in a tournament. Gaming is not only about playing a game but it also includes the game development itself. There are top 5 game development Malaysia out there in our country. If someone says that gaming is only for a child, you can show them that gaming also can be a career, and playing a game also can make our country famous as now we also no left behind and also compete in e-sport in a big event such as Southeast Asian Games previously. 

As been mention just now, playing games also can be a career. It is not playing the game for the whole working day but making the game as a career is more into game development itself. You can either be the game designer that design the gaming environment and make it unique and fun to play or be the one develop the game from scratch. Once the game finished for its developments, you have to advertise the game so everyone will play the game that you develop. Making a game is not an easy step especially making it a career but you can be the one that is successful in it if the game becomes a phenomenon in the world. Being the one that involved directly in the game development should be a fun thing too. People playing the game also as a side income as there are a lot of streaming platforms out there that will pay them if they are streaming using it as Youtube live and Facebook live. General knowing we all are fighting in finding a job out there. So, some people with their ability to playing the game professionally will grab this chance to create a side income for them. Who does not want money right? You just have to clever enough to find the way to create it. Sometimes with streaming, some people start their careers in gaming and become famous. As been said just now, playing a game can make our country wins in some big event such as the Southeast Asian Games previously. Our country competes in e-sport and have wins it. 

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In conclusion, you can never judge the gaming culture because maybe it will be your career one day. Playing a game also can give you money as doing it as a side income. You just have to play a game and make money from it or be the one that develops the game from the scratch and makes it a phenomenon game one day. 

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