How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat malaysia isn’t an incredibly complex game, but it does have some eccentricities to get used to. For example, the banker and player hand.

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Banker vs Player

No matter how many people play, only two hands are dealt. One is known as the hand of the banker, the other is the hand of the player. 

Every player can bet on either hand, so that the player holding the shoe in the full-scale game will either bet the banker or move the shoe. Do not think of the hand in the bank as belonging to the bettor ‘s house or player hand.

To prevent misunderstanding, instead of “players,” we’ll refer to baccarat “bettors” or “customers.”

The Play

The bettor holding the shoe slides a full-scale baccarat card and passes it to the stand-up dealer who passes it to the customer with the largest player bet. The next card, the banker’s first hand, is put alongside the foot. The bettor then deals another card to the player, then the second card to the banker.

The dealer calls for the hand of the player, and the customer with the biggest bet of the match looks at the cards first discreetly, then gives them to the dealer. The dealer face-ups the cards and announces the total point.

The dealer then calls for the banker’s hand, and the shoe holder looks at the cards and hands them over to the dealer. If the total player requires a draw, the dealer will say, 

“Card for the player,” and the holder of the shoe will pass a card to the dealer, who will pass it on to the player-bettor, who will look at it and pass it back to the dealer, who will turn it upside down.

Finally, if a card is required by the banker, the dealer will call, “Bank Card,” and repeat the process with the shoe holder.


As in many table games, buy chips by putting cash on the screen and demanding a change from the dealer. The dealer is not permitted to explicitly take the money from the hands of players.

If you are the bettor with the highest bet and collect the player cards, don’t look at them until all player and banker hands have been handed out. And if you’re holding the banker’s hand, don’t look at the cards until the dealer’s hand face-up has been flipped.

Baccarat players are allowed to keep track of each hand’s scores, so most casinos provis them pens and paper. The majority of players simply put an X in a column under “Banker,” “Game,” or “Tie.”

Best Bets In Baccarat

Mathematicians have long suspected baccarat could be vulnerable to a card-counting system, like blackjack. But the best system yet developed appears to give the bettor a slight edge on average around one hand per eight-deck shoe.

The only reason is to bet on the banker.

While a fee is added to this bet by most casinos (~5 percent), this is the best bet in the match. The key is on the house edge.

  • The Banker ‘s house edge bet is 1.06 percent
  • The Player’s house edge bet is 1.24 percent
  • The Tie bet house edge is … it doesn’t matter

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