How To Support Local Businesses

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Local business is important to stand by. Not only does it help the economy, it also saves you money in the long-run or gives you healthier options. Here is a list of how and why we should support local businesses.

1.     Buy organic foods

We have been told again and again that we should buy local produce. But why is that? Well, there are several benefits to organic produce. Firstly, not only are you able to purchase the goods fresh without any kind of chemicals and preservatives, you will also be helping a lot of local farmers who depend on your money to sustain the agricultural industry. So, you can start small. Start with your fruits and vegetables, and then go on to include other staples of your diet like rice, potatoes, spaghetti and other pasta foods. Another reason why you should consider buying organic foods is that these foods have a notably different taste from those that are imported, and this is because they are fresh and most of the time coming straight from harvest season. So, consider making this small change to your dietary needs to not only make it healthier but to also support local farmers and producers.    

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2.     Invest in local manufacturing companies 

The same can be said for other local stores. when you purchase locally, sometimes the goods that you buy are actually cheaper than buying imported goods. For instance, a frame structure maker for semiconductor industries in Malaysia can do plenty for your business while cutting down costs for you. When it comes to something smaller like clothes, phones and other materials you can find them in various places within your country or request that they are shipped in from other parts within your country, and this could be relatively cheaper then ordering from abroad. So, by doing this you are not only supporting your local stores and local Malaysian goods, you’re also saving yourself some money by investing in a trustworthy business that has your best interests at heart.

3.     Help your friends where you can with their businesses

There are ways to help your friend if they are starting their own business. For starters, if it’s, for example, a restaurant you could lend a hand when it comes to setting up the space itself. Help with some of the labor if they still can’t afford to hire their own staff, and if you want to go the extra mile you could actually offer a hand in certain things that you may be an expert in but they are not. If you shine in finances, help them handle their finances and their accounts. If you understand marketing then you could try and help them advertise their business so that it blossoms as word spreads about it. Advertising can be made easy if your friends business is based online. All you have to do is repost their post, mention them in your stories, and save their post this way word spreads and the algorithm will pick up on this business, driving more people towards it to increase their engagement.