Types Of Pollution And Its Causes

Pollution of anything is becoming a huge problem for us. However, we are the problem as well. Humans are the main cause of pollution on this planet and here are some of the types of pollution and its causes:

Air Pollution

The air in some places is hazardous to inhale. This is because there’s pollution in the air. When harmful gases and chemicals become suspended in the air, this is referred to as air pollution. Consider the haze that has blanketed parts of cities like Kuala Lumpur or New York. Dirt, filth, exhaust fumes, and other aerosols are all released into the atmosphere. Those cities were mentioned because those are the cities with the most vehicles releasing exhaust fumes, factories releasing harmful gasses and even construction sites. Yes, even construction sites cause air pollution due to the fine dust that keeps getting into the air. It’s not to say that we should stop construction and stop using vehicles. But the point is that we have to find ways to reduce all those things to, at the very least, try to reduce air pollution because we need clean air to breathe in.

Water Pollution

Let’s get things straight. The fact of the matter here is that humans, and any other living thing, need water to survive. However, humans aren’t doing a good job at preserving that water. They throw rubbish into rivers and the ocean, dump sewage or any type of waste from factories and the saddest part is that it is affecting a lot of aquatic creatures, not just other humans. Pollutants that end up in the water have a destructive impact on the water cycle too. Algae blooms and volcanoes are two natural sources of water contamination. Nonetheless, humans pollute more than anything else. Even sectors working on the ocean like marine services or a PSV vessel Malaysia. They pollute water with garbage and effluent from companies and that affects everything that is dependant on water.

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Noise Pollution

You can say that this is less serious pollution but it does affect us badly in a way. Loud noises can harm human ears and that is noise pollution. Explosions, aircraft engines, loud construction sites and even concerts, if you are too close to the speaker, are examples of noise pollution.  Noise pollution can lead to hearing loss, which is why it is dangerous for any living being. 

Light Pollution

Light pollution happens when we use too many electrical lights. Be it to light up our rooms or to light up the city. Although lights are useful for helping us see at night, too many of them can cause major light pollution, which obstructs our view of the night sky. That’s why in big cities with a lot of lights, you can hardly ever see any stars unless you drive out to parts where there are fewer buildings with lights. Animals can be harmed by light pollution too. The lights of larger cities, for example, might be confusing to birds that are migrating.