A Good Web Design

A lot of us have used so many websites in our lives. From visually captivating websites to utility websites, we have experienced most of it. We as users like to scroll through websites that catch our attention. It is very important that these websites are able to draw us in because that is how we will stay. Many businesses nowadays use websites to represent their company and these websites need to be top-notch because they are the face of the business on the internet. Anyone that goes on the internet to search for their business would encounter that website and if users don’t like what they see, they would simply click on the back button. Showing credibility through their website is one of the ways for businesses to gain their customer’s trust. Every website has potential and through the right web designers, those potential can be unleashed to make the best version of the website. This article would list down three factors to determine a good web design. 

1 – Quality and credibility 

It is important that you think like a user when they enter your website. The quality of your website must be decent so that the users would at least trust your website enough to stay. It must contain basic functionality because you cannot expect users to stay when the website does not look like a legitimate website. Websites also need to contain appealing contents so that even though the users do not stay for the visuals, they would stay for the contents. They would be willing to compromise with the advertisements. This is one way to gain credibility among your users. If you can achieve both, high-quality content and attractive visuals, it is even better but most users tend to put more emphasis on the contents and not so much on the visuals. 

2 – Users scan the website

This is one of the reasons why some websites keep their design in the simplest way possible. Whenever users land on a website, they immediately scan for clickable links available that would show them different pages of the website. For example, a good website would have links at the top or at the side of their homepage where users can click to read contents like “about us”, “blogs” and products that the business sells or services they provide. Websites meant for digital news would display all the necessary categories on the homepage so that users can click on them upon entering the website. Depending on the website, these categories can be organized in either alphabetical order or popularity-based order. Users would rely on this to guide them through the website; hence, it is very important this option is available and updated constantly. 

3 – Be concise

With the contents, try not to drag your sentences too long. Users tend to not read because they simply don’t care, especially contents that are not the reason they are there. Through short sentences, you can keep their attention and then they can quickly move on to the next page. If the user feels it is a waste of time to read everything, they will simply scan through the paragraph and lose interest quickly. Thus, keep your content concise so they would not lose interest by the time they finish reading the homepage

These are only some factors that make a website good. It may not be applicable to all, but it is something users can verify. If you would like to make the best website for your business, hire web designers because they would know the best for your website. If your website exceeds expectations, maybe you can even enter web design awards in Malaysia. 

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