Alternatives For Breastfeeding

1 – Organic formula
When you don’t breastfeed, you can use an organic formula instead. There is a lot of stigma surrounding formulas but don’t be deceived by that because it has proven that formulas have more advantages than disadvantages. This is because they are organic, unlike inorganic formulas that contain chemicals, they don’t have any chemicals that can harm the baby. They also don’t use sweeteners that can possibly be exposed to pesticides. Thus, mothers don’t have to be worried about using these formulas because they are made from natural sources that are surely healthy and beneficial for the baby.
2 – Milk Donors

There is a condition called “Hyperlactation” where mothers produce more milk than the amount their baby needs. They experience frequent leaking and the milk would come out fast and forcibly. Thus, mothers who have this condition would sometimes donate their milk to other mothers who are not breastfeeding. This is definitely a healthy alternative because it is basically breast milk as well, just from another woman’s body. You can find other mothers who donate their milk in ziplock breastmilk storage bags, with no fee as they believe in doing it for charity. However, don’t feed the milk to your baby immediately and try to ask for the donor proof of tests she has done to prove that her milk is indeed safe to consume.
3 – Breast pump

This is very popular among mothers around the world currently. For mothers who are not breastfeeding but still wish to feed your baby your breast milk, you can use a breast pump to extract your milk and feed them using the bottle. Your baby would still get the necessary nutrition and vitamins that are beneficial to them for their growth. They would drink your milk without possibly hurting your nipple or fussing when they don’t latch properly. If you experience pain in your nipple area, you can breast pump and after you are done, you can use the breastfeeding nipple shield to protect your nipple and help it heal. In addition to this, you can even use this method as a way to allow bonding time between you husband and baby.
It is undeniable that breastfeeding is very beneficial to the baby but there is no need to force yourself to do it. There are many other healthy alternatives to breastfeeding and you can keep your body and your baby happy by opting for these alternatives instead. It is not easy to lose that opportunity for some mothers but don’t be so disheartened because there are so many ways to bond with your child spiritually. If you are searching for products that can help with your breastfeeding or as an alternative to breastfeeding, you can pay a visit to Lansinoh mother care essentials because they have amazing collections on mother care products.