Be Proud To Have Tupperware Collections

Of course, having a large collection of tupperware will be very proud of its owner. This is because the price of tupperware is expensive and the tupperware design is very elegant. Coupled with the play of bright colors that will highlight your kitchen interior. You can store tupperware complete with food ingredients already in it. Open cabinets can be used to arrange tupperware according to size. This tupperware storage design is sure to make your kitchen more lively.

Tupperware ideas for storing food

Using Tupperware storage containers to store various types of food is certainly a lot of fun. Tupperware does have the advantage of storing food for a longer time and keeping food from spoiling. All of this is due to the design of the lid and tupperware container that is made airtight so that the food lasts longer. So you can organize your kitchen by placing tupperware as a storage area. You can put tupperware in an open cabinet or a closed kitchen set. Arrange by size so you can save space. Then label it so that it can be easier for you to take the food ingredients.

Store tupperware on the bottom dish rack

If you have a bottom dish rack then it can also be used to organize tupperware. The bottom dish rack is usually rarely used to store dishes because of the closed place. But it can actually be used to structure your tupperware. The method can also be adjusted to the size of the bottom plate rack which is usually inserted like a drawer. You can arrange tupperware from the smallest to the largest. Arrange the container open and arrange the lid separately. You can insert tupperware into the gaps that are still loose so it’s neater.

Arrange tupperware in a minimalist apartment kitchen

The use of tupperware in the kitchen of an apartment is considered a very smart move. This is because the size of the apartment kitchen is usually not too wide, especially for the studio type. So the idea is to create a small storage area in your kitchen. You can choose one of the spaces in the upper or lower cabinets of the kitchen. Then arrange the tupperware container at the bottom openly. Then the cover can be placed at the top and arranged by size. With this storage, you are also easy to find.

Arrange on the kitchen table

Of course, if you have a large kitchen, you can equip it with a kitchen table. The kitchen table can be used for various purposes including preparing food. But it can also be used to organize your tupperware collection. The trick is to leave this tupperware array installed with the lid on. This idea is to prevent the inside of the tupperware from being dirty or from being entered by various types of insects. Decorate around the table with plastic flowers so that your kitchen table becomes more beautiful.

Those are various ideas on how to organize the kitchen with the best and neatest tupperware. You can adjust the size of the kitchen, the theme of the kitchen and the concept of the interior of the kitchen so that the results will be more attractive.