Career Ideas And More For Science Stream Students

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If you’re a person who just ended high school and you want to study in a science stream then I say go for it. This is because no matter what major you choose in the science field, you will always have an abundance of opportunities. 

career ideas


The study of living beings is referred to as biology. Students can study specific components of organisms while grasping the relationship to the complete organism if they understand and define what defines life. Students can directly engage in research by combining laboratory work with practical field experience. All Biology students are encouraged to engage in crucial field trips, and first-year students are matched with faculty members. 

Career ideas:

Biologist, Conservationist, Doctor, Dentist, Electron Microscope Specialist, Environmentalist, Environmental Educator, Health Policy Consultant, Laboratory Technician, Marine/Fisheries Biologist, Nurse, Oceanographer, Optometrist, Pharmaceutical Research,  Pharmacologist, Physician, Teacher, Veterinarian, Water Quality Inspector, Wetlands Biologist. 


The study of matter is referred to as chemistry. It studies the properties, composition, and changes of substances. Students receive practical experience understanding how materials behave as well as a solid foundation in the fundamentals of chemistry thanks to the close integration of curriculum and laboratory practice. Advanced procedures are available through research institutions. Biology is the most preferred supplement to Chemistry. Chemistry graduates are well-prepared for graduate school as well as work in a range of fields. You could even experiment with medicine for fatty liver Malaysia to discover the best version!

Career ideas:

Agricultural Chemist, Analytical Chemist, Biochemist, Biotechnologist, Chemical Engineer, Chemical Instructor, Cosmetic Chemist, Dentist, Environmental Chemist, Food Chemist, Forensic Scientist, Geochemist, Industrial Hygienist, Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Technician, Medical Doctor, Medicinal Chemist, Molecular Biologist, Patent Examiner, Paint Chemist, Pharmacist, Polymer Scientist, Researcher, Sales/Technical Support, Toxicologist, Veterinarian. 

Computer Science

Problem solvers are usually computer scientists. Students that study computer science will be able to design systems in a variety of sectors employing innovation and creativity. Students’ knowledge is employed in a variety of sectors, including medical, business, and forensics. Computing might be your primary focus or it can be combined with other subjects like biology, education, or music. A Computer Science degree permits a student to work in a field that they are passionate about.

Career ideas:

Computer Sales and Support Rep, Database Administrator, Data Recovery Manager, Hardware Designer, Information Systems Consultant, Network Administrator, Network Security Specialist, Operations Research Analyst, Programmer, Project Manager, Software Designer, Systems Analyst, System Architect, Technical Support Representative, Telecommunications Specialist, Web Master/Internet Specialist. 

Environmental Science 

The study of the relationships and interactions between organisms, their environment, and human activity is known as environmental science. Understanding and resolving issues related to how humans affect the environment necessitates a multidisciplinary approach that includes biology, chemistry, and geology. Students are provided with real-world environmental and scientific difficulties, and they learn how to apply their knowledge to solve problems under the guidance of instructors. Technology and fieldwork are incorporated into the curriculum, giving students the hands-on experience they need to undertake independent study and develop investigative and experimental abilities. 

Career ideas:

Communication and Research, Consultant, Ecologist, Environmental Education, Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Quality Analyst, Hazardous Material Manager, Recycling Manager, Park Naturalist /Interpreter, Policy Analyst, Teacher, Technician, Urban Planning.