Good Superior In An Organization

An organization is a flow of people managing and working together. Whether it is under a company or just a normal organization, people in an organization are required to work together as a team in order to carry out any project that they have, successfully. But what really can be a problem in an organization is superior people. The superior people are mostly the ones who are the leaders or people with power and in a high position in the organization. It can be a big problem when you do not have good values as a superior, such as not wanting to listen and help your staff, giving more instructions than managing and so much more. Not being a good superior can affect your organization and your staff. 

A good superior should try and listen. Most millennials work in a different way compared to older generations. Thus, it is understandable when most older generations are in a high position in an organization and getting millennials working under them. It can be hectic for a while as older generations feel like millennials are too lazy and spoiled, but millennials, think that older generations are too strict and are not empathic. For the solution to this problem, I think both older generations and millennials are to blame, they need to sit and discuss. For older generations, they can try to listen and millennials have to try not to be defensive and accept. This is why the importance of learning is mandatory for everyone.

For another element to be a good superior for your staff, you can try to be more helpful towards your staff. Not every superior are aware of the problems that their staff are going through. Maybe you can be one of the superiors that show their empathy towards the well being of their staff. For example, if any of your staff tell you that they need something like a backup system for your project, you might propose an idea or get a cloud storage provider in Malaysia. 

The last good example of good behavior of a superior is the one who would not be judgmental or perceptions towards their staff. Again, millennials can work better if there is a safe space to be themselves, and feel accepted by their superiors. Therefore, superiors should always be open-minded and be willing to understand because there is nothing with want to be their own self. Even facts have proven that people who are true and honest to themselves, tend to do better work and have better productivity. 

In conclusion, you are not a bad person if you feel like you are a bad superior. But, if you are aware of the bad things you are doing towards other people and you are aware of how your actions are affecting your staff, it would be the right thing to fix and change how you behave and perceive things. If there is anything that you, feel like dissatisfaction or not appreciated, talk to them and reach a compromise. This is very important to work together as a team.