Great UNIFI Internet Solutions for You Now

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UNIFI internet undoubtedly represents a reliable alternative to obtain an Internet subscription for your second home, subject to eligibility of course. Depending on the operators, however, you will benefit from a less powerful speed than with fiber. Thus, it is simply recommended to carry out an eligibility test in order to know which offer to choose between an Internet offer for second homes dedicated to fiber or TM UNIFI.

time internet

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In short, UNIFI internet or fiber are more suitable for long stays (2 months) because it is only under these conditions that you can afford to take an Internet package for a second home. On the other hand, non-binding subscriptions are of course to be preferred since your Internet connection remains temporary.

Among the most competitive offers for an Internet subscription for a second home, let us quote in particular the solution RED by SFR unlimited 100 Go or the Sosh 50 Go plan.

4G key and 4G mobile hotspot: the right plan?

At present, 4G dongles are very popular to get internet connection in an area where you do not have a WIFI connection. But this technology is all the same on the verge of being supplanted by 4G mobile hotspots or “nomadic routers”, which are stand-alone boxes available with or without commitment depending on the operators.

The main advantage of this latest technology lies in its ability to generate an independent mobile network accessible by WIFI thanks to a simple identifier – generally a PIN code. Nomadic routers also allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time. While 3G dongles are mostly limited to 20 Mb / s, newer nomadic routers can achieve up to 150 Mb / s . In other words, for your Internet connection for a second home, you will benefit from a speed equivalent to an Internet box connected by optical fiber.

Last Words

Note that there may be security risks when using free hotspot services from major vendors. In a way, it is your personal data that can be the object of theft (connection data to your message, passwords, access to social networks, etc.). A survey by the site explains that nearly 45% of Internet users take their precautions on WIFI hotspots. TM UNIFI is far better.