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website design

website design

Being aesthetic is unique and different because you are said to be yourself with original ideas. If we are dressing up, we can really be creative and mix and match anything to make our outfit look good. But doing things related to digital things can get really hard, especially when you cannot get any inspiration or ideas for your project. Sometimes it can take days just to find the right ideas for your project. You want to make sure that you deliver what your clients want. Apart from button functionality, the website design is expected to be really good as well to give a great user experience for the users, and when a lot of users love looking at our website and spend more time on it, that can attract more traffic.

One of the platforms you can find inspiration is the basic digital platform which is YouTube. YouTube has a lot of videos that share the best website design that you can go to and see for yourself. Not only that, but there are also videos that make comparisons between the website design based on the year. If you go and look for a website design from 2010 to 2012, you will notice the big difference, especially regarding words. The oldest website design used more words on the website compared to now. 

Another platform that you can also go to for inspiration on digital things is Dribble. Dribble has a lot of pictures and also moving pictures for the website design, mobile applications, logo, and etc. I personally think that Dribble is a great platform for just website design because it has a variety of styles and themes. If you only need design inspirations without anyone talking or giving tips and tricks relating to it, Dribble would be a good option for you to check out. 

Last but not least is Instagram. Instagram has a lot of users currently. People go to Instagram daily and a lot of business owners have started to promote their products and services on Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter. Inspiration on Instagram is a bit different because these Instagram accounts would like to have a stronger engagement with their users. Therefore, they would have to offer more than just inspiration designs. They also have tips and tricks and short basic tutorials, compared to Youtube videos. These are for the ones who would go for a short and accurate way of teaching. 
In conclusion, the Internet has so many things and platforms that you can find to get ideas and inspirations. Not only that, but it also offers the color coding you need for your designs. Thus, the Internet makes your life ten times easier compared to when there was no Internet. But I have another recommendation where you could also hire a website designer or developer as well if you are thinking there are too many works. There is a website design company Penang that can also straight away think of the ideas and do the work for you as well.

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