Manufacturers And Business Owners: Let’s Listen To Podcasts 

Glasswall Specialist in KL

I am not going to lie, I am obsessed with podcasts. I have listened to various different types of podcasts over the years from music podcasts to religious podcasts and entrepreneurial podcasts. But there was one type of podcast I have always missed out on until I started to think about developing my own business and create my own products. It is manufacturing. Who would have thought today there would be over a million podcasts recorded by so many different types of people. Some people talk about pure entertainment and make comedic jokes, while others discuss conspiracy theories.

The hype of radios left and the nostalgia of it was replaced by podcasts. Podcasts today have become a source of education for billions around the world. Some of us learn more from podcasts than they do from books, After all, there are podcasts that readout books for those who absolutely loathe picking up a book or doses of the moment they pick up one. As someone who falls into the latter group of people, I had an incredibly hard time taking in my notes for manufacturing processes and my start-up business ideas. 

Whether you are Glasswall Specialist in KL or a glass wall manufacturer, you can greatly benefit from listening to manufacturing podcasts related to your own niche. Just like entrepreneurs listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, manufacturers should listen to their industry experts with the help of podcasts. Podcasts are not only about two random people talking. It is about a group or pair of people who has knowledge in the industry coming together to share some insights. 

Glasswall Specialist in KL

Manufacturers’ podcasts do not only have to be about listening to something only about the manufacturing world. Many who work in glass wall production and supply needs to listen to podcasts about the art of glass. Artistic podcasts can have the potential power of bringing so many different types of people together. Businessmen to suppliers, distributors, and artists all come together but with very different goals. Our purpose greatly affects the way we consume information and use them for the sake of our own business. 

For manufacturers, is it is not only about the art that we have to discuss. We also need a space where all different manufacturers can relate to one another through the podcast medium. Hence there are so many different types of manufacturing podcasts as well. Some of them talk about the challenges of human errors and the barriers that exist to overcome them. Others cover stories of optimization in manufacturing while others talk about how manufacturing can be a much more sustainable industry in the 21st century. Sustainability and eco-friendliness have found awareness among many different types of manufacturers, whether they are big or small. The important thing is about maneuvering different ways in the industry to practices sustainability. This also covers the topic of employee well-being, productivity, labor rights, and the list goes on. 

Manufacturing podcasts do the job of educating both manufacturers and nonmanufacturers. It is always important to listen to a wide array of different episodes to stay as knowledgeable as we can.