The necessity of steady water supply

Water is one of the basic necessities for human beings. We need water in many different aspects. For drinking, for hygiene purpose, for safety purpose such as to put off fire, for recreational purpose such as water theme parks or swimming pool and many more. It is something that has been a very significant part of human’s evolution from millions of years ago. We first rely on sources of water to quench our thirst and for hygiene purposes. Then we get to learn about farming and we then learn to use these available resources to farm different kinds of plants. As humans evolve, we find more and more ideas on how we can optimize the usage of water. Now with advanced architecture and technology, we create structures that can store water like a dam or structures that are used to filter raw water like water treatment plant and this is used for the benefits of everyone so that people can have a steady supply of water. It is very important then, that we understand the importance and necessity of having constant supply of water through our daily life. Currently, the country is going through some difficulty in supplying its people with water due to the fact it is always contaminated because of illegal waste disposal done by some companies. People are livid with the situation and here are two reasons why people are enraged by it: 

1 – Repetitive mistake

This is not the first time this has happened. In the year 2020 itself, it has happened for more than 3 times. People are constantly getting cut off from water supply because of the same exact mistake by the state government. Every time there is a water supply disruption, the problem would always be water contamination at the main sources which are the many rivers in Selangor. They sued one of the companies that caused the contaminations but still the same problem happens. People are asking the state government to close down all the factories that are near the Selangor river due to the fact that is the largest raw water sources for the people but it seems like they are not listening. When the river is contaminated, it does not only affect one person but hundred thousands of houses around Selangor. People are getting tired of the same mistake happening repeatedly despite having obvious solution to the problem. As mentioned above, this has happened for more than three times in this year alone and with the Covid-19, hygiene is very important but how can you keep that when you do not even have proper water supply. 

2 – Poor management 

After the contaminations has happened and the people’s supply to clean water has been cut off, the responsible authority should solve this problem as soon as possible so the supply of clean water would not be cut off for too long. Even before that, the statement issued on social media to inform the people about the contamination needs to be changed because the attitude or tone in the statement is absolutely absurd and obnoxious without an ounce of apologetic manner. The state government should apologize to the people and fix the problem so that it would not happen again in the future but instead, they proudly said the problem can be fixed in 30 years with the current advanced equipment which is so despicable. People are suffering now but this thing is only fixable in 30 years? It is absolutely preposterous. They even went as far as to fight the people, saying they know the best way to fix the problem for the future but with the repetitive mistakes, it is obvious that those people don’t know what is best. People all over Selangor are affected by this problem, especially people in Gombak, Shah Alam and Bangsar. It is just so horrible that people have to rely on water trucks to get their supply of water. This problem needs to be rectified as soon as possible before the people do more than just criticizing at social media. If you would like to know about the importance of a good cement, click here.