What you can do at Pulau Tioman?

Pulau Tioman is one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia and is located at Rompin, Pahang. It is famous for its beautiful view and the activity that we can do there. Pulau Tioman has been declared as one of the most beautiful islands in the world by TIME magazine. So, what are the activities that you can do in Pulau Tioman? Actually, there are many interesting activities that you can do when you come to Pulau Tioman.

One of the activities that you can do in Pulau Tioman is you can enjoy your time and just relax at Paya Beach. Maybe you can have a walk along the beach or enjoy the view of the beach. If you plan to stay a little longer, there is a resort called Paya Beach Resort for the tourists to stay in at Pulau Tioman. In addition, there is a massage and spa service that you can experience and will help you to release your stress and it also can ease up the tension that you feel in your body. You have to try and it will be the best experience that you have ever had.

Other than that, you also can go and do scuba diving there. Even if you are not a certified scuba diver, you can go and learn how to dive there because the diving area is perfect for the beginners that wanted to try or learn diving. And for the experienced diver, you can go dive there to interact with the marine life or maybe explore the creatures that live under there. By this, we can learn about marine life and also we can learn to appreciate these creatures as they bring the beauty of nature. By the way, if you are interested in scuba diving, make sure to check out Tioman diving package and get yourself a diving package at a reasonable price.

Other activities that you can do at Pulau Tioman is you can have a great dinner at Riverside Cafe if you want to eat your food while enjoying the view of the sea. It is one of the popular dining places that offer many types of food at a very affordable price. They are serving various types of food from Malay food to Thai food. They also had some snacks like keropok lekor, popiah, doughnut and also some desserts such as ABC. These restaurant has received many tourists and even locals to eat there because of the view of the sea that they can enjoy while eating and the price that is very reasonable for everyone.

To conclude it all, there are many things that you can do when you visit Pulau Tioman. These activities may help you to have a relax time and release your stress from work. Sometimes we need therapy for ourselves after went through a lot of hardship at the workplace. So, don’t pressure yourself too much and go have some fun once in a while because life is too short to waste it just like that.